Skulls and Shackles

Piracy! Boarding The Man's Promise

On Wednesday – The Second of Ocean.

Piracy! Boarding The Man’s Promise


After chasing the Rahadoumi boat – identified as The Man’s Promise – since noon the previous day, the tension on the ship could be cut with a blade. Experienced pirates seem to be salivating at the opportunity for blood and action. The newbies, and the recently impressed, are puking overboard as the stress of impending death and the smell of shark chum start to overcome.

Soon, almost too soon for some, the ships come closer and closer. The Master Gunner – Rairis Krine (called Krine on ship) – orders the dysfunctional team of Louie, Pinche and Whiplash to board the Sterncastle and Aft Deck of the Man’s Promise. Making certain to secure the wheel, kill any guards and not allow any sailors to escape. Zatara was deemed as too capable , so he was assigned to another crew, and without any other real friends, it was up to the three of them alone to do the job.

Magical fog rolled over the Wormwood and grew and grew to help cover it from the crossbows and ballistas of The Man’s Promise. People screamed and died nonetheless. With a stroke of genius, Whiplash calls upon the powers of the seas to bring an obscuring mist to cover their personal assault on the other ship. Pinche throws his magical grapple and it strikes true on the railing. With Whiplashes supernatural mist blocking the sight of the 6 guards on the Aft Deck, the PC’s are not easy kills as they try to shimmy across the ropes. Louie is the first to trek across, but after some success, he is petrified with fear right in the middle of the span from ship to ship. Past the point of no return, Louie just trembles with panic and can’t move more. He is holding up the rest of the pirates from boarding, it’s a clusterfuck and both Pinche and Louie would certainly be dead if the Rahadoumi sailors had even seen their plight. Through the fog and mist, bolts still flew as the men on the other ship were shooting blindly. One bolt struck true and powerfully; puncturing Louie and turning him upside-down hanging like a sloth to the rope – barely clinging onto both consciousness and his life as sharks swam below devouring any unfortunate enough to fall from either ship.

Pinche had an opportunity and deftly skittered across the new opening. Whiplash used his limited healing to make his way to Louie and saves his impressed mate from Port Peril. A refreshed Louie also works hard to move hang over hand and get over the railing of the opposing ship. Once on board, Whiplash’s protective mists are not as effective and the defending sailors spy the invaders and rush to attack. Louie is swarmed and brought into unconsciousness as he is outnumbered by three swordsmen. Pinche was smart and tactical. He hid among the smoke and chaos, looking for opportunities to spring on a defender and take him out. While lurking and watching, he noticed an opposing soldier doing the same thing – but the soldiers target was Captain Harrigan!

As Captain Harrigan and two officers (Krine and Peppery) are rushing to the opposing Captains Quarters, a soldier assassin is in position to spring on Capt. Harrigan. Seeing the danger – Pinche snaps a shuriken toward the assassin – hitting him and causing him to stumble.

“Cawt’n Wook Out!” screams Pinche after the shuriken struck and the assassin was still alive. The Captain turns just in time and slays the cutthroat. Swiveling his head, he locks eyes with Pinche and gives a nod of recognition right before he bursts into the Captain’s Quarters.

No longer hidden, and seeing Louie down, with Whiplash being surrounded, Pinche saves everyone’s life by calling out for help. With smoke swirling and the cacophony of battle noise possibly drowning out his yells for aid, he invokes the names of Sandara and Scrimshaw (basically their only friends). Immediately, they arrive, coming from the smoke and mists like guardian sea spirits. “Blessed be Besmara” exclaims Whiplash as he whacks a sailor with a supernatural club (Shillelagh).

15 seconds later, down in the deeper belly of the ship, an explosion rocks the Man’s Promise. The whole ship shakes at the power of the explosion, but it does not list or tilt as if ready to sink. (Later, it is determined that Gunner Mate Kipper is badly burned from the explosion. Further details are sketchy).

The explosion must have scared at least a few of the opposing sailors as the PC’s see three more sailors rush to their position. Thankfully, the sailors were concentrating on escaping and lowering one of the rowboats from it’s position. Unable to divide their attention (or maybe a sense of goodness?), the PC’s let them flee and instead concentrate on the enemy in front of them and trying to survive.

With a back and forth battle, the PC’s and enemies (oops Al!) are aided by Sandara’s healing and her call upon a Hyena to aid in the fight. After over a minute of fighting, the PC’s start to outnumber the enemy , and even caused one to surrender. At that exact time, an Officer and two sailors approach the other escape launch on the Aft side of the ship. This time, The PC’s lead by Whiplash rush the escapees. The Officer is an adept fighter, and holds off three of the PC’s, but Pinche uses his Kusarigama and with the extended chain trips her up. She falls to the desk and any advantages she had are lost. She gets up and dives into the sea – looking to survive against the sharks instead of an obvious death at the hands of these skills fighters.

Sandara rushes over to the overboard officer’s Pike and hides it cleverly. Acting oddly enough to clearly indicate that it has some extra value than just any normal pole-arm.

Two minutes after the boarding action started- – it is finished. Captain Harrigan emerged from below decks with what looks like a human heart in his hands. Quickly, there’s a line of prisoners paraded before Captain Harrigan and the cheering pirate crew of The Wormwood.

Aboard the Wormwood, a party begins as the pirates celebrate their victory with fine food and drink plundered from The Man’s Promise. Captain Harrigan holds a meeting with his top officers and divides the plunder among the crew in the early evening (see payout at the top of the email). Bolstered by a handsome heaping of gold, extra rum rations (as if there was a limit before!), and the exhilaration of adrenaline the pirates party for 36 hours. The PC’s can participate, do other things, or sleep.


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