Pirate Games

Games of Strength and Skill
Arm Wrestling — Not your typical arm wrestling bouts, such matches are usually conducted on a barrel top covered with broken glass, knives, and caltrops. Bets are taken on who will be the winner, or the winner of a full series of contests.

Hog Lob — Participants lob a lead ingot covered in a piglet skin, “The Hog”. The Hog is tossed as far across the deck as possible. The Hog counts as an improvised weapon, so it imposes a -4 penalty on all rolls with it.

Heave — This potentially deadly drinking game is played with rum and takes place between any number of pirates. They bet to predict the winner beforehand. Each pirate drinks a half pint of rum in one swig. Pirates then take turns drinking until only one is left standing. Drinking rum in such quick bursts can cause damage to the drinker, so some tales tell of entire crews drinking themselves to death through this game, leaving ships of drunk ghosts.

Card Games
Scrimshaw – A card game played with Tarot cards. Also called Tower in some regions.

Butchers Block— A Card Game played with a special deck. Also called Yield in land locked some regions.

Pirate Games

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