Infamy and disrepute

PC’s Scorecard

Infamy: Zero points
Disrepute: Zero points

Infamy is a tracking system for the PC’s to gauge how far and wide their exploits and deeds have spread. To gain Infamy, the PC’s must stay at a port for a full day. The PC designated to be the main storyteller must spend the whole day on shore carousing and boasting of the infamous deeds. That PC will then make an intimidate, Bluff or Perform check when giving the recounting (or embellishment of a normally dull tale). Spending Plunder can also improve the check. The PC’s get both Infamy and Disrepute points depending on the success level of the check. A failed check doesn’t give any points. PC’s can spend multiple days spreading their tall tales.

Disrepute is a points system that can be spent on special one time abilities. Example: Spending 10 disrepute points can grant a mass cure light wounds on all PC’s and all their allies (free action). There are 20 different things the party can spend disrepute points on.

Levels of Infamy:

Disgraceful (10+ points)
Despicable (20+ points)
Notorious (30+ points)
Loathsome (40+ points)
Vile (55+ points)

Infamy and disrepute

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