Mr. Plugg

Second in command on the Wormwood.


Mr. Plugg is an angry young man. He’s always furious about something. Only 21 years of age, he’s exceptionally young to get second in line to Ship’s Captain. In only 11 months aboard the Wormwood, he’s wormed, blackmailed or murdered his way to the position of first mate. He believes that discipline is the only thing that matters at sea, and that the constant threat of ruthless punishment is the only thing that can keep a crew of cutthroats and scoundrels in line.

Mr. Plugg is bald except a black ponytail and a long narrow beard . His teeth are gray and yellow.


Minor chatter amongst the crew reveals the following quote,“First mate? He’s barely been aboard a year! The apple of the captain’s eye, that one. Harrigan treats him like a son – but not a legitimate one, of course.”

Mr. Plugg

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