• Louis Louis de Louis

    Louis Louis de Louis

    Skinny, athletic boy that some would say is playing Pirate but that can be a big mistake
  • Pinche


    A middle-aged Tian man with a subservient demeanor, Pinche volunteered to work as the cooks assistant aboard the Wormwood, despite having no skill in the trade.
  • Zatara


    Quick, Nimble but also strong as an Ox. Zatara is quickly making a name for himself amongst the riggers and the gamblers.
  • "Fishguts" Kroop

    "Fishguts" Kroop

    Ships Cook. Almost always drunk or drinking.
  • Conchobhar Shortstone

    Conchobhar Shortstone

    He is a handsome honey-tongued Gnome who wears a foppish purple hat and an eye patch. He looks like a pretend pirate, rather than a real one.
  • Jack Scrimshaw

    Jack Scrimshaw

    A young human lad that is talented at Scrimshaw and other gambling games.
  • Master Scourge

    Master Scourge

    The Boatswain and Master Of Arms onboard The Wormwood. As Boatswain, he is in charge of all activities and sailors on deck, and as Master-at-arms is in charge of discipline
  • Mr. Plugg

    Mr. Plugg

    Second in command on the Wormwood.
  • Rosie Cusswell

    Rosie Cusswell

    Short but Fierce, Rosie has more muscles than most of the crew. She likes music and plays her fiddle in the evening for her own happiness and to entertain the crew.
  • Sandara Quinn

    Sandara Quinn

    Though a devotee of the Pirate Queen Besmara, Sandara Quinn has only recently taken up a pirate's life. She was press-ganged and forced to join the crew of the Wormwood. Sandara has found life tough since she rejected the advances of Master Scourge - who