Skulls and Shackles

Still not Listening

The following day after the great Crab Hunt started nearly as every other day aboard the Wormwood. Impressed men moving gingerly around the deck trying not to garner any negative attention or any attention at all, Pirates slowly recovering from the nights activities and festivities, and Scourge moving to his vantage point on the Quarterdeck. The difference to this day? Everyone was in slightly better mood with slightly more filled bellies from the feast. But the Wormwood is a pirate ship and work must be done. Backs must be bent, attitudes adjusted, the will of the crew controlled. And Scourge is the well feared man in charge, grinding what ever grist from the mill that was needed that day.

Louis Louis de Louis had a different plan, however. He’d wanted to go to sea ever since he was just a little boy scrounging out an existance on, under, and around the docks and now that he was aboard the Wormwood, he wasn’t gonna be treated like some slave. And no one was gonna tell him different. Brashly and blatently unaware to the consiquences, he defied Scourge and nearly paid the ultimate price just days before. Two healing bullet wounds were his reminder. But follwing the little warning he was given by Scourge and a couple crew members, Louis knew a different approach was needed to get what he wanted. And what he wanted at this moment and from the first rope punch was to never be a Swab. Swabs did the grunt work. Swabs worked on thier knees. Swabs are dogs that get kicked regularly.

If there was gonna be any kicking this day, Scourge was gonna have to risk looking like a fool.

This morning Louis, unlike most of the crew and impressed men, walked confidently along the main deck toward the stairs that led up to the Quarterdeck. Bouncing up the steps with a smile on his face he quickly drew the attention of Scourge. “No one ever comes running in the morning looking for a work assignment” thought Scourge. The following exchange was as quick as it is was confusing.

“I’m ready for my assignment”, blurted Louis, loud enough for all near by to hear. But before Scourge can think to snarle at him or assign him ANY job, Louis shouts, “All right!! Rigging!!”, and bounces away and up into the sails.

There are very few that ever look in Scourge’s direction and stare. But this morning, had they been looking they’d have caught a glimpse of an intensely puzzled look on his face. Never before on the Wormwood had Scourge ever wondered, “what the hell just happened?”


SpeedyCorbin Aquaman21000

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