Skulls and Shackles

SaS - Getting their equilibrium

Wormwood Day 3

Part 2
Day 20 of Nexus. DAY 3 on the Wormwood.
The newly impressed men start to understand their duties and the schedule/ rythmn of the ship better. While that doesn’t help Whiplash, it does give Louie’s character an opportunity to talk with others on the boat. Regrettably he’s both ugly and doesn’t talk very well so he find it hard to connect with Shortstack or Mollie (impressed halfling and gnome ). Whiplash gains a very good friend in a beautiful lady who also seems to have lots in common with Whiplash. Most notably Scourge’s malice and angst.

Meanwhile, Pinche finds Fishguts kitchen to be a hot-mess straight out of an episode of Hoarders. He spends any free time over the next three days organizing the rats nest while Fishguts is usually passed out drunk in his cot. Pinche finds some useful and bizarre items as he begins to re-equip himself.

Later that evening, as usual, the Top deck is full of sailors drinking their required Rum ration, playing music (Mollie is temporarily given her fiddle), games , bullshitting and carousing. This happens each night, but Louie’s character is approached by Skimshaw (named so after one of the games played on deck) and asked to “be his guy” in an armwrestling match they are having. He’s offered 10 SP . After agreeing, he sits into the chair and measures himself against the guy opposite. Louie’s character has a distinct strength advantage, so he’s confident. Until the other pirates takes some rum bottles, breaks them up and scatters the shards atop the arm wrestling table. Louie gulps.

He wins his first match. driving the opponents fist into the table so hard, the guy yelps in pain as the glass turns his fist into a bloody mangled pulp (5 points of damage) . Feeling cocksure, Louie bets his 10 SP on his next match. While he still is obviously stronger than the other pirate, he instead loses. and feels the pain of the pirates version of the aaarrrrr-mwrestling. He’s on the hook for yet one final bout and while he wins, he only barely beats the guy out.

Games to be played:

Butchers Block (card game)

Skimshaw (card game)


and two other drinking games – their names escape me while I’m at work.


SpeedyCorbin SpeedyCorbin

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