Skulls and Shackles

Look! It's an Eagle......

Wormwood day 4 & 5

Day 4. The 21st of Nexus – The PC’s are assigned jobs for the day with Louie in the Rigging, and Pinche in the kitchen with a barely functional Fishguts to help make the usual morning biscuits and evening fishstew. Whiplash was assigned to catch vermin around the ship. Things like rats, roaches and other vectors.

An hour after sunrise, and while the morning biscuits are being passed out, Pinche and Louie see Jack Scrimshaw running up to the top deck with a hand placed over his forearm and blood drip, drip, dripping on the weathered deckwood. The curious PC’s inch closer to take a look and listen. While Mister Plugg inspects the wound, they see that Scrimshaw has an enormous bite in his arm. They also overhear Scrimshaw explaining that he was in the Bilges and that enormous rats were down there and he got bit while escaping from them.

Plugg looks around for pirates to inspect the Bilges, very close bye are the PC’s.

*- translated from Pirate – “Since your buddy, Whiplash is on vermin duty, get him and get down in those bilges and kill some rats! Don’t come back up here until that lazy, good for nothing slacker gets it done!”

The PC’s ask for their weapons back (OOG: All their stuff was taken from them when they were impressed), to which Mister Plugg replies that they are just rats and that the PC’s are girly sheep herders if they need weapons to handle a couple small rats.

They gather Whiplash, who was found shirking his duties below deck, and get a butcher knife from the kitchen (Louie) and Pinche’ grabs a masterwork dagger he had procured and hid away. The three impressed men make their way to the bottom-most deck called the Bilges. This deck is accessed by a trapdoor and uses a barred ladder that leads to waist deep and brackish water. Pinche and Louie drop down into the water and look for anything out of the ordinary. Whiplash positions himself on the ladder and casts a light spell into the water to help with some of the visibility. The light spell is not very effective, but it does manage to give some definition of the bottom of the boat and reveals a ton of water soaked crap and crates. Movement under the water reveals Dire Rats that swim, scurry, and swarm both Pinche’ and Louie. Whiplash attempts to snipe at the rats from his safe position, but his ice spears miss their target as the water provides a buffer in attacking the Dire Rates. Pinche moves with grace and tumbles and jumps on top of the bilge pump to at least gain higher ground.

Louie is steadily harassed by the rats and calls for a retreat. With bloody legs and bites on his waist, he attempts to climb up the ladder, but Whiplash’s positioning and sniping of the rats keeps Louie from getting to someplace safe. With a panicked need for safety, he grabs Whiplash and pulls him down from his roost. Tossing Whiplash into the middle of the brackish boil of rats. Louie then moves his way up the ladder to escape the throng. Prone, disoriented, and betrayed by the burly fighter, Whiplash tries to get his balance and stand up, but the Dire Rats sense some easy food. Even the rats that were climbing the bilge pump to attack Pinche moved back into the water to try and overwhelm the skinny Druid of Water (worshiper of Besmara). Through the Sea Queen’s mysterious protection, Whiplash survives the rat fury and stands up and attacks back eventually defeating the enemy.

The PC’s spend some time investigating the Bilges and actually find a few items of use. Because they spent so much time in the Bilges, Mister Plugg heads down to the lower decks cursing them out and downplaying their wounds and accomplishments against “a bunch of bilge rats”.

Sandara (NPC) heals Whiplash of his wounds, but doesn’t know the other crew members well enough to pro-offer aid.

The crew finishes their normal jobs, with even Whiplash actually completing his task for the day, but his mouth earned him more lashes from the whip.

Day 5 – The 22nd of Nexus

The next day is much better and the ship is humming across the Peril Sea to an destination or shipping lane unknown. Day Five, and Whiplash is up to his old tricks once again. Assigned to swab the fore decks, he loafs and shirks . Scourge is infuriated and threatens to not only put Whiplash in “The Box” but to advance to using “The Cat” instead of a normal whip. Whiplash scoffs at this and earns a rope punch. Scourge also turns to the rest of the swabs and tells them that each time Whiplash gets a punishment, then they get an equal number of strikes. By this time, Whiplash has already earned enough time on the yardarm that he loses consciousness at that evening’s “Bloody Hour”.
Entertainment ensues and the rum rations are passed out. Louie quickly takes his required share and makes his way to his hammock to try and recover from the previous day’s fight. To add to the evening’s entertainment Mister Plugg brings up a chained and hulking man from below decks. This is Owlbear. It was Mr. Pugg’s originally intent to have him fight this “new Guy with all the muscles” for some fisticuffs and fun. Since Louie can’t be found, Mister Plugg stares at Pinche the cooks assistant and smiles. He then whispers lies into Owlbears ear that Pinche was one of the mean sailors that tarred and feathered poor Owlbear the other day ( see picture of Owlbear). Pinche overhears this and quickly tries to deny it and beg out of the fight. Owlbear is not smart, and so he doesn’t know what is going on or what to do. And in case of confusion Owlbear has always relied on the option that allows him to hit something. With Owlbear advancing, Pinche tries to feint the dumb hulking man, but says the wrong thing.

" Look! An Eagle!" – Pinche exclaims – pointing off into the distance- first hoping to draw Owlbear’s attention away so he could rabbit punch his kidneys when the enormous brute was off guard.

Instead, Owlbear thinks that Pinche is poking fun at him for being tarred and feathered and calling him “Eagle”. It’s usually hard for Owlbear to think logically, but this was simple. He didn’t like being tarred and feathered by this scrawny small eyed man and his mean friends (well, he doesn’t remember the scrawny man being there, but he remembers his mean friends – and Plugg said the mean man was there). He also doesn’t like being called Eagle, when his name is really Owlbear.


He’s going to teach this man with the small eyes a lesson. Owlbear throws a big meaty right hook. And connects.


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