Skulls and Shackles

Fine Kettle of Fish(guts)

Wormwood days 1 to 3

Day 1: The 18th of Nexus.

The PC’s awake to the sounds of bootsteps walking down wooden stairs. Their head is thumping and their tongue is thick from the effects of a strange poison that was used on them the night before while partying in Port Peril at a hot spot called Conveniently Maid. None of the PC’s know each other, but they are all in the same trolling net as they come to the realization they have been shanghaied!

Being escorted by their captures, they make their way onto the top deck to see miles and miles of rolling sea and a large crew of about 20 scurvy men and women moving about on the nearly 100 foot and three masted Gallion.
They are stuck, and the PC’s know it. All their equipment has been taken and they only have the clothes on their backs- and their lives aboard The Wormwood.

They are run through a small number of tests and asked questions to best determine what forced labor they are going to perform on board ship. Pinche’ is quickly assigned to be the cook’s assistant - only because he was the only one that said he could cook (even though he couldn’t). Louie’s character was assigned to be a rigger and do work in the masts/sails.
Al’s character was assigned as a lowly swab.

Well, the pirates did not exactly have a good eye for sailing talent as Pinche’ soon became horribly seasick while trying to hunt for turtles and fish. Whiplash found his hard plodding tasks tough and earned 3 strikes of the whip for not completing his duties and another 3 for mouthing off.
Only Louie’s character did well, and he actually did exceptionally well impressing a fellow rigger.

The party also notices 4 others that appeared to be impressed men/women working as swabs.

Day 2: The 19th of Nexus
The ships bell rings furiously at first light and the crew lumber upstairs to assemble. But, 4 pirates block their way. Pinche’ notices that there are other pirates looking on from various spots and quickly deduces that they are about to get their ass kicked for the ships entertainment.
But, the unequipped and out manned (3 vs 4) PC’s mop the deck with the enforcers. Breaking noses, throwing snowball slushies, and sneak attack Karate Chopping the hard knock thugs.

Message Delivered: We might be landlubbers, but we are not pushovers or chumps.

Whatever positives the PC’s got from their handy defeat was soon wasted as all three got more whippings during The Bloody Hour. Pinche’ was still suffering effects of being sea sick, but just starting to get sea legs, Louie was mouthing off and crowing like a rooster, and of course Whiplash was establishing a bad reputation and earning yet more loathing from Scourge and Mr. Plugg- the Man at Arms and Second in Command respectively.

The day before, Pinche was shown to the cook’s kitchen where he met “Fishguts” Kroop. A slovenly, nasty, rum reeking wreck of a man. Pinche’s debilitating seasicknees earned him three strikes of the lash, but also got him into his hammock for the day, so Day two was his first day prepping the ships meals and fishing for the evening’s catch. Taking a subservient posture, and trying to do as he was told, Pinche’ found that being the ships cook might have been the easiest task and offered him a good amount of freedom aboard decks. Fishguts always appeared drunk or at least on his way to deeper levels of drunkenness, and chopping fish and working with knives was right up his alley.

“You eremind uh me of a old masta.” Pinche observes of Fishguts as he cuts and chops fish with amazing speed and accuracy. “He drink rike fish too! And sometimes pass out and forget tings… And… uhh.. rell, actuary you noting rike old masta…”

Days 3-6 to be continued.


SpeedyCorbin RaH

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